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Benvenuto in PugliaResort, la Puglia Turistica Integrata a 360°

Prenotazioni Immediate

Prenotazioni Immediate

PugliaResort & Management Association

    From Competition to Collaboration

Welcome to PugliaResort , Puglia Integrated Tourist at 360 °.

Our beautiful Puglia welcomes you with its sunny beaches , cliffs overlooking the sea , rolling hills, underground caves , trulli and old farmhouses. A marvelous land to discover and savor , with its colors and its Mediterranean flavors. Discover the many possibilities to spend your holidays or to celebrate your moments.

Bed and Breakfast and not only in Puglia , including caves , sea, trulli and farms .

B & B Alberobello , B & B in Monopoli , B & B of Polignano a Mare Bed and Breakfast Castellana Grotte B & B Putignano , joined together to move from competition to cooperation , with the aim of putting the host in the first place by giving them all the necessary information for make her unique and unforgettable holiday in Puglia .

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Must see Alberobello in Puglia

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Via San Marco
tel 080 4323292 

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Ristorante Trullo Doro
Via Felice Cavallotti, 27  70011 Alberobello 
080 432 1820

Alberobello is a tourism every year millions of visitors from all over the world. There are many monuments and places of historical, artistic and cultural to visit.
The route through which the narrow streets and discover the most beautiful corners of the Capital of the Trulli , as well as its monuments and museums, starts from the Belvedere Deck .
Here the visitor , enjoying a splendid view of the old town , dominated by conical roofs adorned by the mysterious symbols drawn with lime , he will immediately be in a unique city in the world.
The tour continues with a visit to the historic Aia Piccola , consisting of about 400 trulli , for the most part still used as dwellings . The name " threshing floor ," recalls a large open space that was formerly used for threshing grain.
In this district , a small haven of peace between white cloths and the friendliness of its inhabitants, with a little luck you can admire ladies who work the ground for the famous orecchiette dish on Sunday, and master trullari working stone, strictly hand , for the restoration of the trulli.
Aia Piccola , we also encounter the Museum of the Old Gods and the New crafts , where you can admire the tools and instruments of the artisan culture of our land and the Oil Museum . Here, an old mill and old tools of peasant culture , form the backdrop to a pleasant tasting of extra virgin olive oil, our gold , and typical products .
At the end of the tasting , continue on to Piazza XXVII Maggio (day of the liberation of the " Selva " from the feudal vassalage ) , on which is located the Museum of the Territory. Next we come to the Casa D'Amore : UNESCO World Heritage monument was erected immediately after the issuance of the Royal Decree by which Alberobello was freed from feudal vassalage . It is the first house built with the use of mortar and without the classical shape of a trullo . It is currently home to several cultural activities.
It comes to the Minor Basilica dedicated to the Saints Cosma and Damian, patrons of the city , one of the most venerated saints in Puglia. In neoclassical style, was designed by the architect Antonio Curri . Behind the church , is located on the Sovereign Trullo , which is the most advanced example of trullo on two floors , in which, among fireplaces, kitchen tools and frames, you can still feel the atmosphere of the past.
The tour ends in the historic district of Monti , which has more than 1,000 trulli in seven different ways of incomparable beauty. Here the visitor will be attracted by the skill of the many craftsmen who enliven their shops till late at night the neighborhood.
The tour ends with a visit to the Church of St. Anthony located on top of Rione Monti and built on the initiative of the priest Antonio Lippolis and thanks to the donations of the inhabitants of Alberobello . Its unique shape makes it unique trulli in the world.

L'Antica Locanda

Tel/fax: 080-4972460 


Personal Schopper Puglia

Our Mission and absolutely free 'to promote the Made in Puglia and Italy, an icon of class, elegance, quality, uniqueness through our range of services offered.
Accompany our guests exploring the shops, craft shops, clothing or unique items that represent the essence and the preciousness of our country.

Castellana Grotte 

Osteria Il Caroseno
INDIRIZZO: Via Santomagno 18 -(vicino alla chiesa del Caroseno) TEL: 080 4961381   


Car Puglia,Car with driver, Schuttle, Excursions

Via Monopoli, 64
70013 , Castellana Grotte(BA)
Partita IVA IT07246830728
T/F. 080 4963610
M. 3932031983




Polignano a Mare (BA)

Polignano a Mare (BA)

ristorante trattoria cuccundeo polignano a mare www.pugliaresort.com
Piazza A. Moro 14 Tel:    347 6761647

I Mercatini di Puglia

mercatini Puglia www.pugliaresort.com

Rutigliano: Mondays
Noci / Monopoly Tuesday
Putignano Wednesday
Alberobello / Polignano a Mare Thursday
Locorotondo / Conversano Friday
Castellana Grotte Saturday

Monopoli (BA)

Monopoli (BA)

ristoranti monopoli www.balberobello.cm www.pugliaresort.com ristoranti segnalati
Per prenotazioni chiamare il 
Tel: 0809376478   Via Calcutta 56



Eventi in Puglia

Grastè Pittrici Manipolazione d'arte 
pittrice Modugno Capozzi www.pugliaresort.com

Tel diretto: 3394834007 
eventi in Puglia


Noleggio Barche Escursioni

Noleggio Barche Escursioni


Tutto il fascino del ciclismo in Puglia.

la puglia in bici pugliaresort.com bbalberobello.com
All the charm of cycling. Bicycle Moto Rental

This Cycling Puglia, a project that aims to give an answer to the demand for services for cyclists and bikers , oriented both to the competition that the promotion of tourism .

We offer our users the opportunity to buy directly from our website very diverse packages that can guarantee an innovative experience , both from the point of view of sport , or cultural and naturalistic .

Thanks to the conventions that Puglia Cycling has developed with different realities of our country , our users can spend some quiet bike but will also appreciate the wealth of the territory from the point of view of culture, wine and food, the production typical .


We strongly believe in the value of our land Puglia. Our goal is to live our guests an unforgettable experience in an unusual and fascinating mix of sport , nature, culture and traditions.

Our imperative is to offer a living room with a "zero concerns " thanks to the formula of our all-inclusive packages that allow visitors to come in Puglia at no extra charge .

We also thought a series of ancillary services to meet all the needs for a holiday of sport really perfect .

Le Piste Ciclabili in Puglia

La Puglia fatta in Casa

La Puglia fatta in Casa


Dove vuoi trascorrere le tue Vacanze in Puglia?

Dove vuoi trascorrere le tue Vacanze in Puglia?

logo pugliaresort.it vacanze in puglia
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Meteo Puglia clicca sulla foto

Meteo Puglia clicca sulla foto

San Pietro in Bevagna

San Pietro in Bevagna Maldive del Salento www.pugliaresort.com
San Pietro in Bevagna   -
San Pietro in Bevagna - Maldives of Salento -
Do not miss once in Puglia
The city is located on the Ionian coast between Taranto and Gallipoli and just 12 km from Manduria. It is also situated at the extreme north of Arneo Land between the rivers Chidro, one of the most important of the few rivers in the Salento, which flows to the east of the country, and Borraco the river, which flows to the west. In addition, the resort is divided into different zones: zone in the center, to the west is the area of ​​Campo de'Messapi while to the east there is the area of ​​Specchiarica.

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World Dance Movement

Mondo della Danza pugliaresort.com bbalberobello.com

World Dance Movement - The International Workshop - builds connections between dance and different cultures that inspire and transform dancers from all over the world. Our goal is to present the opportunity in which dancers are trained one-on-one attention in a non-competitive environment. The curriculum challenge dancers of all levels through a complete model on a language course.

You will be able to enjoy training with dancers from nearly 25 countries with the same passion and drive to be the best they can be. Immerse yourself in different cultures, while learning an international faculty of talents unprecedented ... ... There is nothing better!

Join us for an event World Dance Movement!

http:/ / www.worlddancemovement.com/index.php?lang=en


I Comuni e i Trulli della Valle D'Itria

valle d'itria www.pugliaresort.com
La Valle D'Itria in Puglia 

Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Ceglie MessapicaCisternino, Conversano, Fasano, Locorotondo,  Martina FrancaMonopoli, Noci, Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Putignano, Villa Castelli
reclame puglia www.pugliaresort.com
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