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Trulli in Centro Monumentale di Alberobello

Video di Alberobello

Video di Alberobello

Trulli Monte Pasubio Resort

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In the monumental area of Alberobello, the excitement of living as a once lived in a modern key. In the beautiful Puglia Trulli of Alberobello in the central monumental 2/4/6 beds recently and tastefully renovated with taste.
The trullo in the commercial and historic SUD_EST is 400m from the train station, 300m from the hospital.
You will receive Mariano
Tel: 3495621064
mail: terradipuglia@yahoo.it
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trulli in centro alberobello
trulli in centro
trulli alberobellotrulli in centro alberobello
trulli pugliatrulli con bagno doccia

Trulli suite Monte Pasubio

Trulli suite Monte Pasubio


La Storia di Alberobello

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The " casedde " as they are popularly called Trulli Valle d' Itria, are really timeless buildings in a fairy-tale landscape that enchants for its geometries made of trulli , stone walls, vineyards and olive groves.

A closer look just observe the trulli of fairytale characters with their white hat , and they are there to remind the determination and tenacity of man to turn in his favor adverse environmental conditions, to transform stone , which once flourished in the hilly area altosalentino , from negative factor as an obstacle to positive factor in cultivation of raw materials for the terraces , for dry stone walls and the construction of their homes .

Until the fifties , the trulli was the building type of our countryside , its construction cost one third that a brick house . Today it is not so, but we are seeing a recovery and restoration of the ancient trulli and even , for new building in Trullo with new " builders " with passion and commitment handed down from the ancient art of " trullaro " under the careful guidance of Arzilli " young " masters seventy.

I Trulli (from the greek late τρουλλος dome ) are old stone buildings "dry" , conical , of proto-historic origins , but in spite of the areas of development of the trulli are found around the towns of prehistoric times , or foundations of stone huts dating the Bronze Age, there are no particularly ancient trulli : this is justified by the fact that rather than provide for the repair of the same in the event of disruption , it is preferred to tear it down and rebuild it for economic reasons, reusing the material. The oldest trulli which we trace remains today were built in the sixteenth century near the promontory of the Apulian Murgia .

The trulli , of circular plan , are built with stones collected and modeled so as to create a kind of tile ; may be composed of a simple compartment , or from multiple environments , which are typically added by budding around the central compartment. Are habitable only on the ground floor , but below they may be formed of the tanks to store rainwater .

The thick walls of the trulli were all built using a special technique of overlapping stones and very often were equipped with a cavity , where it was placed in the soil , to keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter . These are surmounted by a pseudo- dome ( ie a series of horizontal plates arranged in steps falling upwards ) , constituted by a double layer of limestone : one internal , of rocks , and the other external , of plates, frequently adorned with decorations esoteric character , spiritual or superstitious .

It is thought that initially the entire construction was constituted solely by the dome , but nowadays there are no confirmations or denials in this sense . The apex of each trullo is placed a stone, which appears to be the keystone of cone cover , besides having an ornamental function.
I Trulli have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Some building types present on the Murgia of Trulli North - OccidentaleIl promontory of the Murgia , full of stones and limestone formations , gave the possibility to the ingenious builders of the time to design these buildings .
The most important area is represented by the Trulli Valle d' Itria. Here, the town of Alberobello (BA) , having an entire city area built with these buildings , is in effect the "Capital of the Trulli ." Other areas of particular importance are represented by the surrounding countryside of Locorotondo (BA ) Martina Franca (TA ), Cisternino , Ostuni, Ceglie and Fasano ( BR ) . Similar structures are also present in the northern promontory of the Murgia , in the areas of Monopoli and Polignano a Mare (Bari ), these buildings closest to the beach and used for other purposes, have obvious different architectural details .

Even in the North-Bari , in the North - Western Murgia , are found numerous buildings in Trullo . These were mainly used , by the shepherds , as temporary shelters . Some are of very fine , others much easier .
For the construction of the Apulian ripica structure were used limestone of the place, the use of which involving their removal from the fields, where it prevented the cultivation. To this must be the existence of many types of construction , which depending on the type of stone found ( in chianca , round, more or less easy to work, etc. . ) , Also vary within a few kilometers.

The trullo was a typical rustic building , where the Butted , the one who cultivated the land of his master , he could have a bed to sleep and keep tools of the field. The children used to sleep in alcoves carved with niches in the wall and separated from the main by curtains.
Some wooden beams, which are still visible today in the trulli , had no structural function but served rather to hang the food and supplies , keeping them off the ground (often the floor, clay, was shared by people and pets ) .

It is thought that once the Trulli were used to evade the payment of taxes on homes. There are various theories about it. One of these states that the Trulli were used to communicate via smoke signals the arrival of any controls , in that case were literally blown off , waiting to be rebuilt once the danger had passed .
A popular rumor has it that as we approach the coming of the master who applied for payment of duty for the residence in the ground, Cozzari enough to pull off a single stone to bring down the whole building , making it appear all as a simple pile of stones .

I Trulli have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Case trulli masserie al mare

Posizionamento Trulli suite Monte Pasubio

Trulli Regina

Come and spend your holiday or a weekend really special in our beautiful TRULLO (studio of approx. 25sqm) located in the central-monumental Alberobello (BA - ITALY), to spend unforgettable days / nights in the capital of the trulli. A return to the past without great demands (a building of the early 800 refurbished), but with the comforts indispensabili.Due sleeps four in two double bedrooms one of ui loft.
You will receive: Antonio
Phone: 39 3495621064
Email: terradipuglia@yahoo.it
trulli reginatrulli regina centrotrulli regina www.pugliaresort.comtrulli regina www.pugliaresort.com centro monumentale alberobellotrulli reginatrulli regina www.pugliaresort.com centro monumentale alberobello

Posizionamento Trulli Regina Alberobello

Trullo del Monte

The Trullo del Monte is located in the homonymous monumental area will accommodate you in one of the traditional stone buildings that have made the Apulian town of Alberobello the most popular.
Rooms at the Trullo independent, with double bedroom and cot if request will, a few meters from the monument Trulli Siamese less than a 5-minute walk from the Basilica dei Santi Medici. It has a small stove corner, bathroom with shower, desk table for tasting breakfast or lunch.
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Site: http://www.pugliaresort.com

trulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.comtrulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.com
trulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.comtrulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.comtrulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.com
trulli in centro alberobello www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.comtrulli siamesi www.pugliaresort.com www.bbalberobello.com

Posizionamento Trulli PietraDimora

Posizionamento Trulli PietraDimora


Booking online

B&B Pietradimora

Trulli Trulli e Puglia B & B is housed in a beautiful complex of trulli in Alberobello in the monumental area.
The B & B offers a refined accommodation in Trullo-bedrooms, equipped with all comforts: Green, Yellow Room, and Suite.
The rooms are equipped with private bathroom with shower or bath, satellite TV, central heating, air conditioning (where available).
Trulli Trulli e Puglia B & B offers a tasty breakfast prepared with local products.
Breakfast is served in a comfortable living room in winter and a pleasant garden in the warmer months. The garden of the Bed & Breakfast Trulli Pietradimora has a terrace / solarium, where you can enjoy relaxing in the beautiful view of the trulli.
You will receive Daniela
Mobile: 3495650106
Email: info@pietradimora.it
web : http://pietradimora.it

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trulli centro alberobello pugliaresort.comtrulli centro alberobello pugliaresort.com
trulli centro alberobello pugliaresort.comtrulli centro alberobello pugliaresort.com

Matera  Matera is an ancient city, whose territory testifies settlements without interruption since the Paleolithic age [7] . In fact, in the caves scattered along the Ravines Matera were found several objects of this period , testifying to the presence of groups of hunters. During the Neolithic settlements became more stable , so that there are clear traces of several villages entrenched , particularly on the Murgia Timone . With the Metal Age was born the first town , one of the Civita , on the right bank of the ravine . [7] Sort of a prehistoric village entrenched , the city that developed subsequently probable Greek origin , as the Fox in his Memoirs historical secular and religious city of Matera , citing the Ughelli , the Pacichelli and the Father Bonaventure Lama who were come to that conclusion. This is confirmed by the emblem of the city, the ox with the ears of wheat , which according to Fox himself is a typical symbol of Ancient Greece , in addition the Kittens cites the case of some historians , according to which reproduces the emblem of the city of Metaponto , which was just an ox , while the ears of corn were recurring figures in the Greek coins . Kittens to confirm this also cites some verses of the poet Thomas Stigliani : "The ancient seaside town of Metaponto , which in our age dett'è Matera ," and refers to the reception given by Metaponto Matera refugees after the destruction of their city by Hannibal.
The city , according to the hypothesis of Cely Colaianni , seems to have been anciently called Mataia ole by the Greeks, which is derived from Mataio olos , whose meaning is all empty , with reference to Gravina , septic crossed by streams ; further assumption is that the name derives from Mata ( rock pile ) , root used for different geographic names . Another theory , rather fanciful , it derives from the greek Matera Meteoron or starry sky , as some chroniclers of the past, looking at the Sassi illuminated at night, have described them as a reflection of the starry sky above. And there are those who linked the name to Mater or Mother Earth , in Matter ( Matheria ) or materies terms indicating the wood or building , in reference to the wooded areas in which the city stood , the Kittens , however, refers to the name the Hebrew words Matterah ( prison) or Me Terah ( pure water) . Others claim that the name comes from the initials of Metaponto and Heraclea , having received refugees from the two cities after their destruction , and finally Mateola , ancient name of the city, may derive from the Roman consulship of Quintus Caecilius Metellus Numidian , who rebuilt it and made it encircle of walls and towers . [8] Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia ( Liber III , 105) Mateolani called the inhabitants of the city and listed them among the Apulians , even if the ending of the adjective in -anus clearly shows the influence of the Lucanians Oscan , as the city was located right on the border Apulian- Luke [9] in the region formerly called Peucezia [10] .
In the period of Ancient Greece , Matera had close relations with the colonies located on the coast of Metaponto , and later in Roman times it was only the center of passage and supply [ 11]. In 664 A.D. Matera came under the dominion of the Lombards and was annexed to the Duchy of Benevento. The ninth and tenth centuries were characterized by bitter fights between the same Lombards , Saracens and the Byzantines , who tried several times to take possession of the land, and the city was destroyed by the troops of King Ludwig II , Emperor of the Franks, in their attempt to hunt the Saracens.
Meanwhile, from the eighth century , the Matera area was the scene of a considerable immigration of Benedictine monks and Byzantines, who settled along the coves of Gravina transforming them into rock churches . After the settlement of the Normans took place in 1043 the city experienced a period of peace. In the following centuries , including famines and earthquakes , Matera was long Regia city , as it is freed from feudal redeeming several times, but under the Aragonese town was ceded to the Count Giovan Carlo Tramontano , who in 1514 was killed by the people oppressed by taxes. In 1663 , during the Spanish , left the Matera province of Terra d'Otranto , which until then had been an integral part , becoming capital of Basilicata . This was the title until 1806 , when Joseph Bonaparte moved the skills to power . In 1927 the city became the capital of the province .
Matera was the first city in the South to rise up against the Nazis , in fact September 21, 1943 , the day of the massacre of Matera , Matera the people rose up against the oppression from Nazi occupation . Eleven people were killed as a result of strafing the retreating Germans . The day reached its climax with the brutal Nazi retaliation which killed 13 other people blown into the "palace of the militia ." In 1948 came the question of the Sassi of Matera , raised by Togliatti before, and Alcide De Gasperi later. In 1952, a national law established the eviction of the Stones and the construction of new residential neighborhoods that developed the new city in which merged the 15,000 inhabitants of the Sassi . In 1980 it was partially damaged by the earthquake in Irpinia and shocks that followed. In 1986, a new national law financed the recovery of the ancient districts of Matera , now degraded by over thirty years of neglect. In 1993 finally the Sassi di Matera were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site .

Posizionamento Trulli PietraDimora

Trulli Aia Piccola

As a Lamarmora No. 9.
The 'Original Trullo in 1797, renovated in 2010, the center of Alberobello, is waiting for an exclusive and exciting holiday.
At 150 meters from the main square, in the district aia-small, in front of the Museum of the Territory, in the air of the country's most exclusive declared by UNESCO "World Heritage".

The Trullo has area-living room, equipped kitchenette, with fridge and tools,
double bed and single bed in alcove characteristic (for 2/3 people)
lcd tv with dvd, air conditioning, spacious bathroom with shower, hairdryer, iron and ironing board.
You will receive: Vito
mail: bufanovito@libero.it
Cell: 3683168074
Sito diretto:http://miratrulli.it
trulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.com
trulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.comtrulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.com
trulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.comtrulli aia piccola pugliaresort.it

Miratrulli Casa vacanza in mezzo ai trulli

Miratrulli, Holiday House, located in a privileged location, between the Trulli of Alberobello, a few steps away from the monumental Trulli and farmyard-ward small, independent air conditioning and independent heating, located on two levels. On the ground floor: Entrance hall, living room with kitchenette and kitchenware, refrigerator, mini-oven, bathroom with large shower, hairdryer and courtesy line. Ability to add a sofa bed. On the first floor: Comfortable double bedroom with panoramic balcony overlooking the Trulli area and another bathroom, adjoining single room with a desk. Facilities: 2 LCD color TV, washing machine, iron and ironing board. Sleeps: 3 +2
Free public parking at 150 mt. For a fee, € 6,00 per day, a 20 mt. It offers products for the continental breakfast.
mail: bufanovito@libero.it
Mobile. 3683168074
Sito diretto:http://miratrulli.it

miretrulli pugliaresort ca v in centro alberobello
trulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.comtrulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.com
trulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.comtrulli aia piccola www.pugliaresort.com

Mete suggerite:Il Carnevale di Putignano in Febbraio

Mete suggerite:Il Carnevale di Putignano in Febbraio

Putignano (BA) After the Carnival of Venice, the Carnival of Putignano is one of the oldest in Europe, and has its roots in the Middle Ages Over the years his success was so remarkable that it has also been established in 2006 a summer version. As the Harlequin reminds us of Venice and Naples Pulcinella reminds us, even Putignano is represented by its own will mark Typically, the Farinella. Farinella The name is derived from a typical local dish, made ​​from barley and chickpeas. The Farinella is a jester looking rather similar to that of Harlequin, her dress is multicolored and wearing a hat with two points with rattles. It is believed that once the dress of Farinella was red and blue, the colors of the city, and that was three-cornered hat, symbolizing the three hills of Putignano ..
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Il Nostro Gruppo a disposizione
per le tue vacanze 


Posizionamento Miratrulli Trulli Aia Piccola

Trulli A 3 Km. dal Centro di Alberobello

Trulli Barsento 

Once the workshop of ancient wooden plows to plow the fertile lands of the beautiful Murgia , the trulli are surrounded by a lush forest . Restored with the source material preserved woods and architecture of the time.
From two to six beds equipped offer comfort and complete relaxation. Selva di Fasano , and zoo safari at 10km, the Adriatic Sea with 15 km Monopoli , Ostuni, 20 km, 40 km Bari and Lecce 80 Km
You look out the window and you can admire the ancient basilica of Barsento is a real jewel of the Architectural Heritage of Puglia.
Erected in 591d.C by Pope Gregory the Great, is small : it was built by the monks of Sant ' Equitius with the few resources available to them . It ' a church of a Romanesque basilica in its form , is for his age and for its rare not only a church but also in Puglia in Italy. The church stands in a dominant position on top of a hill that overlooks the canal of Pyrrhus ( 440mt above sea level ) . In the heart of Puglia located 3 km from Alberobello and 5 from nuts .
You will receive John
Mobile : 3475802963
web: www.pugliaresort.it

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Trulli a 6 Km. dal Centro di Alberobello

Trulli Masseria Agli Antichi Trulli

B & B Masseria To Ancient Trulli is located on the green hills of the Murgia where you can breathe a fresh air, lush Mediterranean vegetation, a 10-minute drive from Alberobello, and three kilometers from the relaxing and gourmet nuts to relax with the whole family, with of fireplace, six to eight beds, equipped.
you will receive
Zona G 28 | 70015 Noci (Ba) | Italy
Mail: agliantichitrulli@libero.it
Mobile: 389.984.90.46
Tel: 080/497.26.30
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